Modena Balsamic Condiment 16.9 oz (500 ml)

Product image 1Modena Balsamic Condiment 16.9 oz (500 ml)
Product image 2Modena Balsamic Condiment 16.9 oz (500 ml)

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Produced by artisans from local Trebbiano grapes and aged in fine wooden barrels at least 4 years to achieve its unique sweet-sour “agrodolce” flavor profile. Tre Foglie will sing to your taste buds like a chorus of soprano singers. Heavenly notes will descend.

  • 5.3% Acidity
  • 1.28 Density
  • Wooden Cap
  • Formed Lip For Convenient Pouring

Tre Foglie is the finest Balsamic Vinegar of Modena Condiment you’ll find on the market.

For your eating enjoyment and unforgettable guest entertainment!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Todd Schultz

This balsamic is the best I ever had. It sticks to the food better than any other. The texture seems to be thicker than most I have had. My 8 year old daughter loves it on her vegetables. That's how we get her to eat them. Her review is this: "Dad this is the best ever, it tastes so good and has a great twangy taste!!!! YYYUUUMMMMMMMYYY!!!! Can I have more?" she says. I think.....well it's better and healthier than putting ketchup on everything, so yes!! Will be ordering more in bulk cuz it's cheaper. I bought the 500ml bottle.

Rob Benes
My New Go-To Balsamico

Balsamic vinegrette is a staple in my kitchen, which is used to drizzle on mixed greens, caprese salad and strawberries during the summer and on roasted meats like lamb in the winter, as well on strawberry ice cream and to dip bread year round. I have to say that Tre Foglie balsamico is one of the best I’ve ever tasted. It’s thick, sweet and sour, and perfectly balanced. Don’t’s so worth it. I’ll continue to make this balsamico my go-to balsamico here on out.

Brian Kapavik
Little did I know!

I must admit that I am not an expert in the world of balsamics, and I was sort of under the impression they were all similar... needless to say I was BLOWN AWAY by Tre Foglie and have been planning my dinner menus around opportunities to use it ever since that first sampling. This is a beautifully rich and scrumptious work of art, but now I will unfortunately be a balsamic snob at reaturants and friends' homes! But seriously, it is truly head and shoulders above any other balsamic I've had... totally worth trying.

A Beautiful Balsamic

She ran with a very smooth, pourable glaze consistency into my tasting glass. It flowed back and forth in the glass like a thin oil, the rich brown color when pooled was opaque but the legs warn and translucent , There’s a wonderful sharp balsamic scent followed by a rich gentle balsamic sweet that flows across the tongue - but no hint of the sharpness that touched the nose.

Really a beautiful balsamic.


I absolutely love Tre Foglie! It makes the most amazing salad dressing. I don’t think I knew what balsamic vinegar was supposed to taste like until now. We were so impressed with it we ended up buying more bottles to give as Christmas gifts. Delicious!!

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