Modena Balsamic Condiment 3.38 oz (100 ml)

Product image 1Modena Balsamic Condiment 3.38 oz (100 ml)
Product image 2Modena Balsamic Condiment 3.38 oz (100 ml)

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Produced by artisans from local Trebbiano grapes and aged in fine wooden barrels at least 4 years to achieve its unique sweet-sour “agrodolce” flavor profile. Tre Foglie will sing to your taste buds like a chorus of soprano singers. Heavenly notes will descend.

  • 5.3% Acidity
  • 1.28 Density
  • Wooden Cap
  • Formed Lip For Convenient Pouring

Tre Foglie is the finest Balsamic Vinegar of Modena Condiment you’ll find on the market.

For your eating enjoyment and unforgettable guest entertainment!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
A fine balance

We had a sample bottle to try, As we wanted to make sure to be able to savor the full flavor of the Tre Foglie Modena Balsamic Dressing, we used it over a good cut of simple, medium-rare Sirloin steak cooked in a skillet.
It comes out with a very pleasant balance between acidity and sweetness and because it is not overly dense (some other balsamic vinegars have a syrupy consistency), it can fully permeate the meat. We suggest to use it as the only condiment, lest its taste enhancement could be spoilt.
We think its rich and full balsamic flavor would best express its potential when used to marinate meat for a BBQ or over a slice of roasted beef.

Brian S
Beyond Balsamic

My family treats this Balsamic like the healthy version of Ranch dressing! It is diverse enough to use in just about any recipe but it doesn't ruin you diet. We glaze, drip and dip Tre Foglie onto beautiful food heaven!

Christopher Rooks

This balsamic stands out from the typical offerings. I found the dressing to be extremely balanced, with less acidity and tanginess and a more balanced flavor. The bottle spout is also high-quality and allowed us to make unique patterns on our salad, resembling that seen in some upscale restaurants. I am a fan!


As an Italian, I know a thing or two about Aceto Balsamico :). I didn't know Tre Foglie and, wow, it's really excellent!

Terry J.
Delicious Artisan Balsamic

Made from a master vinegar craftsmen - absolutely delicious balsamic dressing! Thank you to the team at Tre Foglie for the fast and accurate service.

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